How to get the best from the TimeBank

When you join, you are called a TimeBank member.

When you offer help to someone on the PRICE TimeBank, it is called an OFFER.

When you ask others on the PRICE TimeBank for something you need help with, it is called a NEED.

You will be informed when your need is matched by an offer or when your offer meets someone's need.

You can then decide whether you want to agree something with another member. This is called a TRANSACTION.

Each hour you give or take is 1 hour of TIME CREDIT.

You need to make sure you give and take because we all have skills and needs.

You need to stay safe.

We suggest you only do TRANSACTIONS with people who you know and trust.

To get to know a person you should find out as much as possible about them first.

Here are some ways to find out about a person:

Keeping your personal information safe

It's your choice

You do not have to use the PRICE TimeBank.

You can stop using the PRICE TimeBank at any time.

You can ask us to close your account and take your personal information out of the PRICE TimeBank.

If you have any concerns or questions about using the PRICE TimeBank we suggest that you talk about it with someone you know and trust.