1. We ask that you carefully read our page What is the TimeBank? and check you are happy with how it works before registering.

2. You are responsible for your transactions.

The PRICE TimeBank is not responsible for your transactions.

It is up to you to check that someone has done what they said when they help with your NEEDS.

It is up to you to check that you can do what you OFFER.

You only pay someone their time credit when you are happy they did what they said they would do.

3. Everyone who joins the PRICE TimeBank needs to give AND take. This means we are all equal.

We all have something to offer and we all need to ask for help.

You cannot give more than 10 credits without taking.

You cannot take more than 10 credits without giving.

4. The TimeBank works on goodwill and honesty.

If the transaction does not work out for some reason please tell us here.